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cream chargers

cream chargers



Cream chargers are to cream what a great pair of shoes are to feet – not strictly necessary but entirely worth the investment and a definite improvement upon going without.

Yes, it is possible and has always been possible to manage with a simple manual balloon whisk but the quality of the whipped cream produced would not be in the same league in terms of quality of product. It is a fact that the nitrous oxide used in the whipped cream dispenser will produce a product that is twice as fluffy as whipped cream that has been produced with just air. This is due to the way that the nitrous when expelled from the cream charger dissolves into the fatty molecules in the cream ( a reason why double or whipping cream is required) this gas will then expand and take the butterfat with it as the cream dispenser expels the product.

Tundra ice cream has plenty of ice cream recipes – but because even though we love the frozen cream – we’d also like to point you in the general direction of where they have just compiled a new cream chargers based recipe book which is free to download with loads of ideas for savoury, sweet and drink recipes that get the most from a whipped cream dispenser!

The downside of this is that the whipped cream produced will not last as long as manually whipped cream – but this seams like a reasonable trade off for the convenience and short lived quality improvements.

An added bonus of cream produced in this way is that it has been sterilized by the tasteless but antiseptic nitrous oxide – the advantage of this is that it will last for up to 10 days in the fridge once it has been fully charged. The gas N2O is also used int eh food industry and is injected into items such as packaged sandwiches to help improve their shelf-life.

Flavours – the simplicity of the process – add cream, charge, squirt – means that there is very little extra effort involved in adding some flavours to your whipped cream. It could be as simple as making an espresso, adding two sugars to it and then when cooled simply pouring it into the body of the dispenser then giving it a little shake before charging and dispensing.

Some stores sell flavoring syrups – but these can just as easily be created your self with a little imagination.

There are also savory options for your whipped cream dispenser – the simple Sunday lunch can be brought alive with a squirt of freshly whipped creamy horseradish!

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