Foaming Caramel Chargers

Caramel is a delicious ingredient of any desert; it is sweet but not heavy. It is very quick to prepare and ideal when you are in a hurry. Caramel is the essence of crème brulee or of caramelized fruits, such as apples or bananas, which are the main deserts in the Chinese cuisine. For the adventurous then caramel can be foamed using cream chargers and whipping dispenser also, it can be turned into ice cream and it is often a whipped topping for deserts or coffee. Caramel ice cream is not very diet friendly, since there is a lot of sugar and frying as well, but every once in a while, everybody deserves a small treat. If caramel makes you think of dense winter puddings then you can make it even lighter by passing it through your cream dispenser and whipped cream chargers to inflate with some nitrous oxide gas – but remember to wash everything out before it cools down, otherwise you’ll get the dispenser nozzle all glued up.

500g of milk
Five yolks
100g of sugar
For the caramel:
Four spoons of sugar
Three spoons of water
One spoon of butter
Cream Chargers

Usually, for any type of ice cream, an empty pot should be introduced in the freezer, for the ice cream to stay in when it is done. While the milk boils, mix the yolks with sugar with the help of a plastic or wooden spoon, until the color changes. The milk is removed, strained and added over the whisked eggs. Put it again on fire until it boils.

In a different pan, let sugar caramelize with two spoons of water. When it changes color, add butter and some water and mix well. The caramel must have a golden, beautiful color. Be careful not to burn it or let it turn dark, because the desert will be bitter. The caramel is poured over the milk composition; it is stirred and left at room temperature. The whole thing is put in the frozen pot and kept in the freezer for around three hours. From time to time, you can remove it and mix the composition to break the ice crystals.

To serve the caramel ice cream, you can add something not as sweet on the side, but something fresh. Ice cream can also contain some alcoholic essences (rum or brandy) for more flavor. Guests will appreciate the idea, for sure.

Don’t forget the foaming caramel sauce – it might take as many as three chargers to get it inflated because it is so much denser than whipping cream.

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