From Voodoo Knife Blocks to Rogue Voodoo Doughnuts


Following on from the discussion about the voodoo knife block then how about this intriguing voodoo drink?


rogue voodoo man



made by Rogue Ales here and an award winner too!

for me the main selling point i the suggested food pairing – they match it with …. wait for it … Doughnuts & Pork …which has to be a voodoo combination if ever there was one! The bottle is a winning, stand-out pink – which might put off a few manly beer guzzlers but might also attract a bit of interest from others.

The ingredients do actually include bacon – so it’s not jst a name and a flavour – and this means it is definitely not one for vegetarians!

This video takes and talks you through the drink, the food and the idea.



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