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Cream Chargers UK

It’s not just anarchy in the UK… You might find that monkeys enjoy a treat too! So, why would they not enjoy some cream chargers in the UK?

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Nitrous Ice Cream?

Nitro ice cream is all the rage – it’s like normal ice cream but with a bit of extra chemical magic – so why not let tundra ice cream take it one stage further by doubling up the nitro with a bit of nitrous?

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Monin Pomegranate Syrup

Love syrup? Love sticky? Love something a little bit exotic? Then smother your tundra ice cream with monin pomegranate syrup… that’s any easy way to improve something as plain as vanilla..

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Monin Syrup

Monin Syrup

We all need to get a bit sticky and sweet sometimes – and where better to start than where there are literally dozens of flavour of syrup… monin!

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Tundra specializes in providing an overall COOL experience while enjoying homemade premium ice cream and made-from-scratch baked goods! Custom cakes, including cakes frosted with tasty fondant icing and ice cream cakes, start at just $18.00. Traditional fountain items are also available in our fun, family oriented atmosphere. We have table games, a children’s area with blackboard wall, and DVDs or current music hits aplenty.


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We Have

Fat Free N/S/A Frozen Yogurt

Lactose Free Ice Cream

Premium Ice Cream for the connoisseur

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New Cream Chargers

Is is just us here at Tundra ice cream or is anyone else noticing a real low quality in cream chargers recently? We ordered some “cheap” ones and even though the company said that they were effectively the same thing in a different box

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Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Summer is here and the time is right for tennis in the street! Well, not quite – but Wimbledon is almost upon us you’ll need to stock up on cream chargers for all of those strawberry ice cream treats!

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Yogurt Whipped Cream Toppers

In celebration of the new recipe book Going Beyond Cream Chargers – the Cheeky Monkey shop has sent us a very simple idea to add a bit more oomph to plain old whipped cream

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Chilli Ice Cream

Just to note that is chilli and not chilly – because it is a given that’d ice cream is chilly – this one is perfect of for chocolate whipped cream chargers let Tundra Ice Cream show you the way…..

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Treacle Tart perfect for chargers

This is a dessert recipe crying out for some carefully cream chargers whipped cream. And an example of how anything can be improved

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Cream Chargers for Xmas

Looking for a gift – looking for inspired ideas for you cream chargers then why not try out some mice-pie ice cream? Read More

Whipped Camel Cream


Following on form the article about human breast milk then why not get a bit adventurous and take a blast with some camel milk Read More

Voodoo Knife Block


Now there is more to report – according to voodooknifeblock.eu then the designer behind the ever-cool knife block is also launching a range of what is called the XXXitchen range – and judging from the images it is much more likely to be frivolous fun than it is going to be in the style of the voodoo knife block then it is going to be something harder along the lines of Mickey Rourke’s fridge exploits in 9 1/2 weeks Read More

Simple Vanilla with raspberry cream chargers

Vanilla ice cream is probably the most beloved ice cream variety, and also the most versatile, because it only takes a little bit of fantasy to combine it with all kinds of items, obtaining different products, personalized for every person so the cream chargers will give you a world of flexibility. Vanilla ice cream can be an indispensable garnish for a fruit pie, for any kind of pastry, cookies and deserts. It can also be simply served with syrups and sauces, which are even tastier if they are also homemade. Another advantage is that the degree of difficulty of ice cream preparing is very easy. Read More

Cow Chargers

So you really want to do it all yourself? Read More

From Voodoo Knife Blocks to Rogue Voodoo Doughnuts


Following on from the discussion about the voodoo knife block then how about this intriguing voodoo drink? Read More

Voodoo Knife Block – fashion or cool?

I just bought a voodoo knife block – when you think about your kitchen then do you think about a practical work space or a room in you house that needs interior design elements to look the part. The choice was really between the voodoo knife holder and this – was I looking for a knife block that really only worked with set of knives or one that can take anything.Just like most people, I already own a selection of knives – Read More

Peanut buter and Jam Ice cream chargers

Peanut butter has an intense flavor and is quite dry, which is why it can be combined with ice cream, making it more bearable, even for those who dislike peanut butter. You need to know that the only type of healthy and non fattening peanut butter is the organic, unrefined one. Specialists think that non organic peanut butter is treated with toxins that are responsible for the peanut allergies many people confront with. Also, this product is dense from the caloric perspective and must be consumed in small amounts. It inhibits hunger and cravings, so if consumed in the right quantities, it is efficient for the weight loss process. In keeping with the peanut butter and jelly notion – which reminds everyone of their happy childhood! – we reckon that a very sweet raspberry or red strawberry foaming cream jam makes the best topping. This needs a whipped cream dispenser with a single 8gm cream charger.

One cup of sugar
One-two cups of peanut butter
Three cups of cream
Vanilla extract
Chocolate cubes

In case you own an ice cream maker, the recipe is as easy as it gets: put the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth composition, after which let it cool. Then put it in the ice cream machine and follow its instructions. It is kept in the freezer for at least eight hours. In the end, decorate the ice cream with whatever you like. Read More

Foaming Caramel Chargers

Caramel is a delicious ingredient of any desert; it is sweet but not heavy. It is very quick to prepare and ideal when you are in a hurry. Caramel is the essence of crème brulee or of caramelized fruits, such as apples or bananas, which are the main deserts in the Chinese cuisine. For the adventurous then caramel can be foamed using cream chargers and whipping dispenser also, it can be turned into ice cream and it is often a whipped topping for deserts or coffee. Read More

Strawberry Icecream with mint cream chargers

There is nothing more traditional then strawberries and whipped cream. So the pairing of whipped cream chargers with strawberry ice cream is obvious.

If it happens to be the strawberry season and you can still find them in the market, you must definitely try the homemade strawberry ice cream, which is a true delight. It is one of children’s favorites and it is, for sure, the most refreshing ice cream during summer. It is also perfect as a desert after a heavy meal, since it is invigorating and light. Preparing ice cream at home implies the certainty of natural products and the possibility to mold the product according to the consumer’s idea of perfect ice cream. Read More

Simply Chocolate with simple cream chargers

There is no person not to love and enjoy an ice cream on a hot summer day, or who could say ‘no’ to a homemade chocolate ice cream topped with freshly whipped cream fluffed up by a fine pair of cream chargers. In order to prepare a really good ice cream, it is important for it not to contain a grain of ice inside it; it must be very creamy. To obtain the creamy texture, you need to respect the hours it must be kept inside the freezer, and also to mix it until all ice crystals that form at the beginning are smashed. The bowl that contains the ice cream must be made of inox and must stay inside the freezer for at least two hours prior to the product preparation. Read More

Ice Cream Recipes

To start with just try some really, really simple ice cream recipes. Read More

Cream Supplies Chargers

The one thing to consider when you get yourself a new box of cream chargers is what type of cream supplies to use – the obvious choice would be cow.

But mammals being what they are then the choice is endless…

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Jelly Bean Smoothies

Make Your own Gummy Bears

Got a sweet tooth that requires more and more to satisfy….

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Rainbow Cupcakes

If you haven’t tried one of these yet then you and your cream chargers are missing out on a real treat! Read More