New Cream Chargers

Is is just us here at Tundra ice cream or is anyone else noticing a real low quality in cream chargers recently? We ordered some “cheap” ones and even though the company said that they were effectively the same thing in a different box

the difference in quality was really noticeable – some of our customers even suggested that they tasted the nitrous oxide in the cream? now, that is really something to put you off your Tundra ice cream – isn’t it? We tried to reassure them but still had to give them their money back.

And even if there wasn’t a taste to it – they don’t actually appear to have enough gas inside them – which is odd because they claim to ave 8gm just like all of the others – the problem is that is is near impossible to actually calculate the amount after all – how do you go about weighing a gas? It hardly seams worth complaining to the shop – so we’re thinking of simply binning the lot of them – although that would clearly fly in the face of our green ethos – we are all about keeping clean and recycling, so the idea of throwing something away is an anathema to us here at Tundra – but then, we can’t recycle them because they are full of pressurised gas – this is like some sort of conundrum.

To us them and then wait for more complaints is hardly going to help our business either!!!

So, whilst we were waiting we ordered some more and the ice cream wagon will keep rolling along!!!

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