Nitrous Ice Cream?

Nitro ice cream is all the rage – it’s like normal ice cream but with a bit of extra chemical magic – so why not let tundra ice cream take it one stage further by doubling up the nitro with a bit of nitrous?

nitrous ice cream

nitrous ice cream

use a bit of liquid nitrogen to cool down the cream for the base layer and some nitrous oxide to whip up the cream for the upper layer – it’s a double decker nitrous powered ice cream spectacular….

So, what flavour would you use? Well let us not get too vanilla about it go wild, although we have been told that the ultra-smoothness of the liquid nitrogen ice cream is ruined by the inclusion of anythign that you maight need to chew on. So, add flavour but keep it smooth…. and the favourite from us a Tundra Ice Cream? well, we’d have to give it to the caramel… as fort he salted part – yes, it tastes good but don’t overdo it – and keep the nitrous whipped cream nice and smooth too. If you have to add anything to that then don’t go beyond a little bit of coffee syrup.. someting modern – how does grapefruit sound to you?


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