Peanut buter and Jam Ice cream chargers

Peanut butter has an intense flavor and is quite dry, which is why it can be combined with ice cream, making it more bearable, even for those who dislike peanut butter. You need to know that the only type of healthy and non fattening peanut butter is the organic, unrefined one. Specialists think that non organic peanut butter is treated with toxins that are responsible for the peanut allergies many people confront with. Also, this product is dense from the caloric perspective and must be consumed in small amounts. It inhibits hunger and cravings, so if consumed in the right quantities, it is efficient for the weight loss process. In keeping with the peanut butter and jelly notion – which reminds everyone of their happy childhood! – we reckon that a very sweet raspberry or red strawberry foaming cream jam makes the best topping. This needs a whipped cream dispenser with a single 8gm cream charger.

One cup of sugar
One-two cups of peanut butter
Three cups of cream
Vanilla extract
Chocolate cubes

In case you own an ice cream maker, the recipe is as easy as it gets: put the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth composition, after which let it cool. Then put it in the ice cream machine and follow its instructions. It is kept in the freezer for at least eight hours. In the end, decorate the ice cream with whatever you like.

There is also a more complex recipe. Therefore, you place milk with fructose and salt in a pot on medium fire. In another bowl, you beat two eggs. When the milk is hot and about to boil, switch the fire to minimum. Half of it is poured over the eggs, it is slowly mixed, and then everything is poured into the pot which is on fire. You need to continuously stir for about three minutes, until the cream gets thicker. After that, the composition must cool.

To make the foaming jam – then mix whipping cream and your chosen flavor of fruit jam – you might need to warm them to get them to combine – then pour the mixture into the barrel of the dispenser and charge with just one cream charger.

When the machine is ready (frozen), the egg cream is mixed with whip cream and poured inside the machine. After 15 minutes, add peanut butter and sliced chocolate. When it is done, place it in the freezer and serve it the next day. After making your own ice cream, you will realize that the one you buy is not natural tasting and not as good, from all points of view.

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