Cake Made of Ice Cream

If you are having some guests over or you are throwing a birthday party during a hot summer, there is no better solution than to prepare a desert made of ice cream covered with lashings of whipped cream. An entire cake is a real treat for those who adore ice cream. Even though it is not the healthiest option, it is the tastiest. A chocolate cake or a multi-layered cake may be harder to process by the birthday girl, especially during summer when every food has to be fresh and light. This is why ice cream comes in handy. The cream chargers will add an extra lightness until the whole dessert is floating upon air!

Spray for cooking
Half of cup of corn syrup
Three cups of cream
One cup of sugar
One cup of chocolate powder
Vanilla ice cream

The first step is to grease the cake pan with some butter or cooking spray and wallpaper it with a spoon of cocoa. In a different pot, mix cream with sugar, syrup, cocoa and a bit of salt; let it on fire until it boils, stirring in the meantime. After that, the composition is supposed to cool.

Some people are a bit shy about the idea of adding salt to a sweet dish – but don’t be it improves just about any flavour when used in moderation.

The ice cream must be removed from the freezer before being used, so that it softens. Thus, the ice cream is placed in the pan and then covered with biscuits. The product is frozen for fifteen minutes, and then the operation is repeated. Two such layers are enough. The cake is covered and frozen for ten hours, or even two-three days.

For appealing decoration and more flavors, the ice cream cake can be garnished with caramelized peanuts and grated chocolate. The lightness of the cream will lift the density of the chocolate flavorings – especially if you fire it up with a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers. If you are not concerned about weight issues, toppings can also be added. Before being served, the cake needs to be removed from the freezer and kept in the fridge or in the kitchen for about ten minutes, in order to be easily and nicely sliced.

As seen, in comparison to actually baking a complex cake, the ice cream one is more than easy to prepare at home.

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