Cream Chargers for Coffee Extreme

The perfect coffee ice cream requires the perfect cream chargers accompaniment. So this recipe for coffee ice cream ill go perfectly with a vanilla infused cream chargers whipped oneFor the Coffee Ice cream – the secret is to use real coffee and only real coffee – don’t think that you are fooling anyone by using Necafe but making it extra strong with the addition of an extra scoop of instant granules!

250ml Milk
100ml thick cream
150ml sugar
a tiny bit of salt
the yolks of 5 medium-large eggs
one handful of coffee beans
one spoon of rough ground coffee beans – this adds a bit of bite (literally) to the recipe

Method – simply mix the ingredients together (except for the ground coffee) and heat to not quite boiling in a good quality thick bottom saucepan – the thinner pans will tend to burn in places and impair the flavour of both the cream and the coffee.

After heating up allow it to rest as the flavour infuses – this will normally take as long as the pan takes to cool down. So don’t rush, just sit down and chill for a short while….

When it’s all coolly infused then strain out the solid beans – then add the grounds and pour it all into an ice-cream maker.

Now for the bit that makes it all so special – the vanilla infused whipped cream – simply use the whipped cream dispenser as-per usual but add a few drops of organic vanilla essence before charging it.

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