Cream Chargers Raspberry Ice Cream

Summer is, by excellence, the fruit season. It is good to profit from this fact and try different delicious recipes. Raspberry is one of the most savory fruits of summer, and one way of enjoying it, is by turning it into ice cream. If you were to grow your own raspberries then you might also consider planting early and late varieties to have those red-gems appearing on your table all year around. The simplicity of raspberry ice cream demands nothing more complex for its topping than simple plain, whipped cream. We almost think the basic notion of the plain red fruit should be whipped cream that is prepared manually with whisk – but then again we are great fan of chargers and dispenser!

Raspberries have a lot more powerful antioxidant activity than strawberries, kiwis and tomatoes. They contain an impressive amount of minerals and vitamins and they are a true spring of health. In order to preserve their properties, you must not thermally process them. If you have a garden, you can grow them yourself.

400g of raspberries
Lemon juice
Orange juice
200g of sugar
400ml of cream
For the topping: Heavy cream and cream chargers.

In a blender, mix the raspberry with the lemon and orange juice. The idea is to obtain a puree. When the puree is ready, transfer it into a casserole. If you want to remove the fruit seeds, use a sieve. Add sugar and stir really well with a spoon. Put the cream in the fridge for one hour. Meanwhile, stir some cream in a bowl. When the puree is cold, it is poured over the cream and mixed. This is the ice cream variant without eggs, but with cream. The idea of an eggless ice cream is that even a child could do it; it is the easiest possible recipe. Also, eggless ice cream is considered American, while those with eggs are French.

Raspberry ice cream is served in a tall and cold glass. For a bit of variation then turn the whole thing upside down by adding the whipped cream to the bottom of the ice cream rather than the top. To make it strong enough to last at the base then use two cream chargers per ½ litre of cream. Pour some grams of liquor at first, then add some raspberries, then add the ice cream. Decorate the whole thing with some sliced almonds. If you have ice cream cones, you will be able to serve a genuine ice cream. Indicated things on the side are chocolate, berry jam and marshmallow. If you do not have raspberries, you can use strawberries, blueberries or blackberries, which are as healthy and benefic. Forest fruits are actually often combined, so you can add entire fruits to the desert. They are all considered wonder fruits and they are included in all diets.

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