Simple Vanilla with raspberry cream chargers

Vanilla ice cream is probably the most beloved ice cream variety, and also the most versatile, because it only takes a little bit of fantasy to combine it with all kinds of items, obtaining different products, personalized for every person so the cream chargers will give you a world of flexibility. Vanilla ice cream can be an indispensable garnish for a fruit pie, for any kind of pastry, cookies and deserts. It can also be simply served with syrups and sauces, which are even tastier if they are also homemade. Another advantage is that the degree of difficulty of ice cream preparing is very easy.

Four cups of whip cream
Four cups of light cream
One cup of sugar
Two spoons of vanilla powder or vanilla pods
Four yolks
2x 8gm cream chargers
Raspberry Juice

Thus, the eggs and sugar are blended until a consistent cream is formed. The vanilla seeds, together with the vanilla pods are placed inside a pot, as well as the milk. The composition is heated until a crust is formed at the surface and it is about to boil. After half an hour, the pods are removed, and the milk is strained, so as to get rid of the seeds. This milk is then poured over the pot and it is heated.

The hot milk is poured over the egg cream little by little and by constantly beating it. The goal is to completely incorporate the two. The cream is then placed on fire, until it gets thick enough to fill the mixing spoon. When the cream is cold, the whip cream is added, and this is the basic ice cream composition that is left to cool at the kitchen’s temperature, and is then kept in the fridge for at least two hours, preferably over night.

The advantage of preparing ice cream in an ice cream machine is that there will be no ice threads inside it. The basic cream is poured inside the machine, which has already been kept in the freezer for minimum 12 hours. It takes 15 – 20 minutes for the ice cream to reach the right consistency, after which it is transferred in a bowl.

The cream chargers can be used to make a fruity mousse with the raspberry juice. Ideally you’d squeeze this yourself (being careful to remove the seeds) then warm with the agar before firing up the cream chargers to make a soft and yielding mousse.

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