Simply Chocolate with simple cream chargers

There is no person not to love and enjoy an ice cream on a hot summer day, or who could say ‘no’ to a homemade chocolate ice cream topped with freshly whipped cream fluffed up by a fine pair of cream chargers. In order to prepare a really good ice cream, it is important for it not to contain a grain of ice inside it; it must be very creamy. To obtain the creamy texture, you need to respect the hours it must be kept inside the freezer, and also to mix it until all ice crystals that form at the beginning are smashed. The bowl that contains the ice cream must be made of inox and must stay inside the freezer for at least two hours prior to the product preparation.

Ten crushed yolks
100 grams of sugar
One liter of milk
Six spoons of chocolate powder
500 ml of cream
One cup of grated dark chocolate
Optional: cream chargers

First of all, you let the milk boil. Meanwhile, you mix the yolks with the sugar, which will make the product double its volume and become lighter colored. With the help of a strainer, you pour the hot milk over the yolk composition, so as to eliminate impurities. The obtained mixture is slowly blended and let on fire until it boils. At that moment, you rake out the fire and add the grated chocolate. The product needs to cool at the room temperature by being mixed every once in a while with a wooden spoon. When it is cold, it is placed in the bowl that has been previously kept in the freezer.

The ice cream itself is put in the freezer, and for three hours, it must be removed every 40 minutes to be vigorously mixed, so that it stays creamy. Without the soft texture, an ice cream is compromised. In the end, the product can be served, of course, with various sauces, fresh fruits, jam, peanuts or almonds, according to taste. This could be the perfect desert for your children, or for your guests who need a refresh. It is also the more natural and healthier variant, compared to the ice cream bought from stores.

The whipped cream you can make with your cream chargers is great not just for adding a depth of flavor but also because it gives a nice, contrasting colour.

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