Strawberry Icecream with mint cream chargers

There is nothing more traditional then strawberries and whipped cream. So the pairing of whipped cream chargers with strawberry ice cream is obvious.

If it happens to be the strawberry season and you can still find them in the market, you must definitely try the homemade strawberry ice cream, which is a true delight. It is one of children’s favorites and it is, for sure, the most refreshing ice cream during summer. It is also perfect as a desert after a heavy meal, since it is invigorating and light. Preparing ice cream at home implies the certainty of natural products and the possibility to mold the product according to the consumer’s idea of perfect ice cream.

Two cups of sugar
Two cups of water
Four cups of fresh strawberries
Four spoons of zest
Four cups of whip cream
Garnishing items
Cream chargers

Water and sugar are placed in a pan on fire, at low temperature, until the sugar melts. It is then left to boil for several minutes, without any mixing. After that, it needs to cool. The strawberries are carefully washed and wiped. They can be spattered with some lemon juice and then mixed with the sugar. The composition is blended at maximum speed with the help of the machine, until a delicate sauce is obtained, which will be left in the room for about 60 minutes.

The resulting sauce is mixed with whip cream and milk and blended again for 5-10 minutes. The ice cream is then placed in a special form and placed in the freezer for one day. The ice block is removed and ice cream slices are cut. The slices are introduced in the machine, and a foamy ice cream will result. When served, the bowls can be embellished with mint leaves, for example, which will also bring flavor to the product. For those who are not dieting, chocolate syrup can be added. The mint can be placed into the cream for a few hours to gently add a sublime flavor, then all you need to do is run the mint cream through a cream charger in the usual way to add a slightly green and very refreshing whipped cream topping.

Another idea is to prepare strawberry and yogurt ice cream, which follows the same recipe and is even creamier due to the yogurt’s soft consistency.

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