Voodoo Knife Block – fashion or cool?

I just bought a voodoo knife block – when you think about your kitchen then do you think about a practical work space or a room in you house that needs interior design elements to look the part. The choice was really between the voodoo knife holder and this – was I looking for a knife block that really only worked with set of knives or one that can take anything.Just like most people, I already own a selection of knives – they aren’t uniform and have generally been acquired over a period of time – the ms-mash nature of them is part of their appeal to me, each one has a level of individuality the blade, the handles all tell a story – the problem is that I am an unashamed follower of fashion so am not too keen to say that form follows function – indeed the exact opposite is actually true where I am concerned.

I would rather look good in uncomfortable clothes than slog around in my pyjamas – the same rules applied in my kitchen. The reviews of the voodoo knife block all led me to believe that the actual blades were not to flash – despite the amazingly cool look of the voodoo man! So my horns of dilemma lasted as long as it takes to drink the better part of a bottle of red – when I gave into my beauty is skin deep philosophy. I thought I could always leave the real knives hanging on a magnetic knife block somewhere entirely different and when I felt like a bit of nostalgia chopping then they would be there for me and when I had guests around my house for a dinner party then the voodoo man could show what a stylish individual I really am!

The holder hasn’t arrived so I’m in limb at the moment at the moment and can’t really say for sure if I made the right decisions – but as soon as I’ve diced and spliced then I’ll be able to analyse my decision and hope that I made the right choice …..

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