Yogurt Whipped Cream Toppers

In celebration of the new recipe book Going Beyond Cream Chargers – the Cheeky Monkey shop has sent us a very simple idea to add a bit more oomph to plain old whipped cream

This idea is so simple that it is almost painful – all you need to do is add a 30% extra of flavoured yogurt t the cream before running it through the whipped equipment. ..

I told you it was simple now didn’t I!

In essence what you are really doing is making a smoothie – like in the video above, but then passing the whole thing through a whipped cream dispenser to inflate and thicken it.

Be sure to use full fat everything – don’t worry about the calories now – because this is what is needed for the nitrous charger to do its thing and inflate the cream – if you use low-cal stuff you’ll get the instant foam but it’ll turn into flaccid cream drips within a few minutes.

Also beware of any lumps in the yogurt – they probably won’t be blocking the nozzle in the charger unless they are really chunky – but part of the delight of the Yogurt Whipped Cream Toppers is the silky smooth texture that drips down your throat like manna from heaven.


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